Brandon Wong

Brando()n Wong

Who am I?

A Junior studying CS and aspiring software engineer.

Outside of academics, I like to draw, play the guitar, and hike. I also have a ton of other interests that I've picked up, but put on the back burner such as producing music,

Check out my github, and feel free to contact me at

Phoooto: Hunter Vong
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Note: writeups are still in progress
Node | (code avaliable upon request) | Group Writeup

A chrome extension designed to improve digital reading and focus. Uses the DOM API to create a blur viewport that can be moved up and down a website (can traverse up and down paragraphs, focusing in on each individual paragraph or section). Developed prototypes using design techniques and frameworks (ie. Double Diamond, User-Centered Design, Iterative Design).

Build Your Own World
Java | Check out the demo! | Writeup

A game designed and built using a modified version of a tile rendering engine. Features include: pseudo-random world generation and interaction, saving worlds and persisting settings through serialization, custom data structures used to generate dungeons.

Java | (code avaliable upon request)

A mini recreation of the Git version control system (13 Git commands) built from scratch using various Data Structures with an emphasis on readable code and design; created additional bash scripts for testing. Uses serialization for persistence, utilized algorithms to optimize commands for specified big O runtimes.

Blog Roll
JavaScript, pug.js, Node | github

A template system for building static websites using pug.js (formerly Jade.js) and node. Originally built to host my writing projects for COLWRIT R4B (Reading, Composition, and Research). Built and designed from scratch by me.

(Fun Fact: this won 1rst in one of the HS divisions of the CA State Fair)

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